• Backpacking into China
    Future-Lanyard / 2015-06-29

    With a landmass of over 9 million kilometers China is one of the biggest countries in the world, which makes you wonder on how many places you can visit, local delicacies to taste, great mountains with crystal clear lakes to take pictures from and what kind of traditional and historical culture to immerse oneself with.


    Join us here in Future-Lanyard as we embark on our journey in China and discover places unimaginable, away from the industrialized modern cities, and learn how 4000 years of history endured and prospered.


    Our company Future-Lanyard is located in the city of Fuzhou in Fujian province located in the southern region in China.


    Fuzhou itself is a tier-2 city, with a booming economy there are many places to visit and travel to.


    We would also like to recommend our custom made Glittering Made Lanyards, this type of lanyard is quite fashionable to the teenage population in Fuzhou city, students typically buy their own Neck Lanyard substituting to pin their School I.D. which is quite Glittery and looks good!



    Fuzhou City boasts some of the most unique places to visit in Fujian, we have compiled a list that’s the most recommend and best suitable for backpackers looking for attractions to visit away from the crowded noisy normal group tours.


    First in the list is Xihu Fuzhou Park.


    With history dating back to the Xia Dynasty, Xihu Park have astonishing well preserved monuments and towers, whilst there are a lot of other parks to visit in Fuzhou, Xihu Park is by far the biggest with scenic spots great for trekking and cycling such as; Xianqiao Liuse (Willow Causeway), Ziwei Halls, Kaihua Temple, Gengyi Pavillion and Dameng Mountain among many others.



    Gengyi Pavillion was built in the beginning of the Five Dynasties, the walls and architecture are all well preserved, walking around will give you a deep impression about the ancient traditions and how people interact with one another back then.


    If you want to see and observe great treasures we recommend going to the Fujian Museum located also inside Xihu Park, the museum occupies an astonishing area of about 200 thousand exhibits, covering artifacts such as historical relics from past dynasties, natural specimens, traditional cultures and art.


    It is free to enter the museum, remember to bring your camera but be careful on the flash as some places prohibit the use of flash!


    I will be writing more about this wonderful city of Fuzhou and all of China, from east to west and north to south!


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