• Old and New Lanyard Designs, San Fang Qi Xiang
    Future-Lanyard / 2015-06-29

    Future-Lanyard is proud to present one of the most popular places to visit in Fuzhou,San Fang Qi Xiang.




    San Fang Qi Xiang or also known as “Three Lines and Seven Alleys” in English, is one of the most culturally rich places in China.


    San Fang Qi Xiang was labeled as a new type of museum, which is one of a kind place located in the heart of Fuzhou, the whole place showcases ancient Ming Dynasty(1368 - 1644) and Qing Dynasty(1644 - 1911) style residences, architecture and folk customs.



    We in Future-Lanyard have our own Eco Friendly Lanyards sold in photograph printing shops and self service picture vending machines all over San Fang Qi Xiang, we strive to maintain eco friendliness as our small way of preserving cultural heritage sites such as San Fang Qi Xiang.



    San Fang Qi Xiang has over 200 well-preserved structures in 159 locations, as well as 28 cultural heritages of different stages, all scattered in an area of over 40 hectares.


    Walking around you will discover old temples and residences housing San Fang Qi Xiang’s popular populace such as different scholars, well-known politicians, and renowned entrepreneurs that have contributed to Fujian’s development in the past centuries.




    San Fang Qi Xiang have 2 main entrances, North and South NanHouJie, which is the outer ring axis that connects the circular road around San Fang Qi Xiang.


    Typically more busses arrive near the southern entrance, the northern entrance is travelled mostly by guests driving their own cars as it has less public transportation.


    Contrast to other tourist destinations in China in San Fang Qi Xiang your absolutely free to come and go as you please, there are no ticketing gates and is open 24 hours 7 days a week!


    The Three Lanes are Yijin Lane, Wenru Lane and Guanglu Lane which are all situated in the west, while the Seven Alleys are Yangqiao Alley(road), Langguan Alley, Ta Alley, Huang Alley, Anmin Alley, Gong Alley and Jipi Alley(road) are located in the east.


    San Fang Qi Xiang is filled with shops selling trinkets, souvenirs and traditional Fuzhou food, but also have a Starbucks coffee and McDonalds inside!


    While there are a lot of choices to buy from the shops selling inside San Fang Qi Xiang which are typically expensive, but there are some hidden gems such as the YanPi(dumpling wrap) which is only sold inside San Fang Qi Xiang which is perfect in cooking delicious dumplings!


    There are also great restaurants such as Zui De Yi (drunk winners) which offers very reasonable prices with tasty traditional food!

    Beside San Fang Qi Xiang is also another coffee shop “Ma an Coffee” which is way better than Starbucks in terms of ambience and food, go here specially if you plan on resting a bit from the crowded streets and eat some tasty waffles coupled with chilly mocha coffee!


    Stay tuned on our next blog on Fuzhou!


    Please also take some time to look into our web page for our custom made Lanyards, Wristbands, Straps, Belts, Holders and many more!

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