• Origin of Lanyard
    Future-Lanyard / 2015-06-30

    We see them every day and sometimes we even own them ourselves.


    But like most people we never have really given enough thought to ask how the common and versatile cord known as Lanyard came to be.




    “Lanyard” as can be seen in the dictionary dates back to the 15th century and is derived from the French word “Laniere” which means thong or strap.


    Lanyard used to be lashes on ships to tighten the riggings; sailors also use Lanyards to carry multi-use items on board such as knives, pistols and whistles.




    Four main types of Lanyards are well-known; cord, tube, ribbon and beaded.


    Materials used mainly for lanyards ranges from cotton or polyester to metal beading.


    Different kinds of lanyards have multiple uses, such as serviceable nautical uses of lashing sail riggings to the more decorative, cording in a military police officer’s uniform.




    Lanyards are usually worn around the neck; there are also wrist lanyards and lanyards which are designed to be attached to your belt or purse.


    Contemporary Uses


    Today, we use lanyards in numerous occasions such as identification tags; a neck lanyard is attached to a plastic see through carrier containing a business ID card or other type of identification.


    Other uses includes key chains, security devices such as a remote or camera to your wrist, it is also seen in fail safe measures on heavy machineries or industrial vehicles such as trains.




    Because of lanyards popularity and multiple functionality, lanyards have been increasingly used in fundraising and advertising events.


    Businesses commonly imprint their logo and contact information on a nylon lanyard for use on promotional giveaways.


    Schools also use lanyards for dual purposes such as student identification and other events that the school usually holds.

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