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    Future-Lanyard / 2015-06-30

    We would like to start this blog by introducing first our seasonable wristbands, with hundreds of different colors and designs wearing them 12 months a year on all 4 seasons you will have a different wristband to wear every time you go out.


    In our most popular wristbands we introduce you our Fabric Wristbands, which have the highest standards of manufacturing and durability, sporting these colorful wristbands on the go is just the current trend nowadays be it for sports, socializing and work or just for a fashion statement it’s an item for all around!


    Gushan Mountain (Summer/Winter Trekking)


    Wearing Fabric Wristbands in Summer or Winter won’t be complete without hiking the famous mountain in Fuzhou, Gushan Mountain.


    Gushan Mountain or otherwise known as Drum Mountain is located in the heart of Fuzhou and is the most popular hiking spot of locals and tourists alike.


    A trip from the city center only takes a 45-minute direct bus ride to Gushan Mountain, hikers either trek the mountain early in the morning for a speed trek or choose to climb the mountain in the evening to enjoy the distant lights coming from the city of Fuzhou.


    Reaching the top is not as hard as it seems, there are stairs well lit by lights that guide visitors up the mountain.


    Sitting at the top is a lookout tower overlooking the city, which gives visitors a magnificent view of the night lights in the evenings.


    Another great attraction on the top of the mountain is the Gushan Temple, one needs to buy a ticket to enter but it’s quite worth the visit, traditional Chinese temples, honoring ancestors through burning incenses, holy monks chanting mantras and a pond filled with turtles, you will find this serene place a unique place to visit from the busy city of Fuzhou.


    Fashion Wristbands


    Our colorful line of Fabric Wristbands comes in different colors and designs, our wristbands are represented in various sports apparel stores located in the foot of Gushan Mountain.


    Fabric Woven Polyester wristband with Aluminum Tube is one of the widely bought wristbands by local and foreign trekkers to safely hold their passports, important documents and accessories while climbing the beautiful Gushan Mountain.


    We also have customizable Logo Polyester Lanyard wristband with Velcro for groups and seminarians from various companies or organizations that organizes trips to Gushan Mountain, Silk Printing makes your wristbands standout and also comes in a disposable plastic buckle to make sure that your wristband is always looking new!


    For further inquiries on our different kind of wristbands please check our products section in the Future Lanyard website products sections.


    We will continue our trips in Fuzhou and to other cities on the next blog, so please stay tuned!

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