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    Future-Lanyard / 2015-07-01

    Spring is fast approaching everyone is starting to wear their favorite summer clothes and planning trips near the beaches.


    This occasion also marks the start in the year where the biggest and grandest of product exhibitions in China opens, from handicrafts to industrialized machineries China will showcase all the products she can offer and what overseas products can for her.


    Here at Future-Lanyard we have attended and sponsored exhibition accessories to exhibitors and visitors alike for the past few years, from the basic company custom made lanyard identification cards, company wristband advertisements, QR Coded Lanyards to promotional Luggage Lanyards.


    This March opens the first Aluminum Exhibition for the year 2015, my cousin attended the expo to check and buy samples to update his showroom stock back in Singapore.


    Arriving on the first day the feeling was quite exhilarating, exhibitors are busy preparing all their stalls, almost all kinds of transportation leading to the expo was crowded with visitors and exhibitors alike.


    The amount of human transportation on this kind of days is just mind boggling.


    One of his business partners have also set-up their own stall exporting hardware accessories, all of their identification cards were supplied with our Same Day Lanyards.


    We also supplied all their promotional items such as embedded company logo in Glittering Wristbands for visiting customers.


    Some companies have also made rush-to-do orders that they needed on the same day, as visitors in the exhibition poured in more than what they expected, the stocks for their neck ID Lanyards were out of stock in the first day!


    But we were able to re-stock all their I.D. Lanyards and promotional QR coded Lanyards all in the first day of the exhibit!


    In this blog, we would like to introduce our Same Day Lanyards, delivered the very same day!


    From heat transferred printing that will never fade, smooth polyester made lanyard for an elegant look and feel, to customized but cheap keychain lanyard for special orders such as promotional give-away.


    Please stay tuned for our next blog, for inquiries on our products please visit our product webpage or call directly to our office.

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